#93 - Why men can't handle strong successful women

Here is a great post from fellow relationship coach Petra Williams.


Why Men can’t handle Strong Successful Women


Ha, if you’re reading this you obviously believe that men can’t handle strong successful women and you are not alone.


I’m elated to tell you that I have found this to be a myth. I am currently conducting interviews with single successful executive men and what they want from women and every man I’ve interviewed has expressed excitement at the prospect of dating a strong successful woman. And why wouldn’t they?


Successful people have so much in common. They share drive, intelligence, skills, good communication, broad general knowledge, good income, independence, power, dedication…


I tell you what men don’t like. They don’t like a ‘masculine’ energy. That’s their ‘job’.


Often Executive women need to apply masculine traits to negotiate, to lead and to be taken seriously in what is often a male dominated environment. And even more so when they’re single because they take control of your own life and continue to muscle your way through their schedules.


When a woman has a masculine energy around her, she gives off a vibe that she doesn’t need men which makes them unapproachable to men. Of course realistically they don’t need men but the man is hardwired to be the protector and needs to feel needed. Just like the woman is hardwired to need a man who can protect her and her young (rarely do women actually look to ‘hook up’ with famine men).


Solution? Show vulnerability. Be courageous enough to allow the guard down and to express your beautiful femininity. This is a true sign of strength and confidence because it opens  you up to being hurt. Yet this alone will reap the greatest rewards.


Freaked out because this takes you out of your comfort zone?


You’re a professional woman used to testing and measuring. Start showing some vulnerability around men that you feel comfortable with and then go from there. I recommend you don’t do this at work for obvious reasons.


Have fun. ‘Be a girl’ and watch the men flock to you.