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Dating has changed so much in the past 25 years. Technology has changed the way we connect and communicate today. In addition, you've changed. You're not the same person you were 20, 30, or even 40 years ago.

All of your life experiences have helped make you the person you are today. You likely don't look at dating and relationships the same way you did when you were in you teens and twenties.

You have to be more intentional about dating today than ever before. I regularly see people spending two or more years in relationships they instinctively know are wrong for them right from the start. 

Whether you're single (never married), divorced, or widowed, coaching can be a great tool to help you navigate today's world of dating.

Why Coaching?

Get Unbiased Tips


Unlike your friends, as a dating coach I don’t have a vested interest in who you date. Many people turn to their friends as a resource for dating possibilities. Your friends likely have family and friends outside the regular circles you frequent. But because your friends are invested in the outcomes, utilizing friends to meet people for dating often doesn’t work. 

New Places To Meet People


Often, the places people claim are typical zones for meeting people aren’t the best suggestions. As your dating coach I will help you look for dates in places that say more about your personality or the personality of people you want to meet.

Boost Confidence


Likely, if you're considering hiring a dating coach, what you're currently doing in your dating life is not working, and you probably don't know what to do about it. Sometimes, even if you attempt to change strategies, you'll still use those that stay within our comfort zone. I can help you break free from that comfort zone, helping you avoid the pitfalls you may have been experiencing.  

Learn Conversation Skills


Having meaningful, entertaining conversations is one of the most important parts of dating after the initial attraction or match. This is, after all, the period where you get to know each other. You may feel shy or awkward, but having a plan for handling awkward silences can help dramatically.

Learn What You Want


Sometimes we fall into patterns we adhere to after they’re no longer useful. This happens in relationships and dating too. If you feel like you keep picking people you’re incompatible with, you may want to consider whether there is some pattern at work; a dating or socializing habit that you need to change to find more compatible dates.

Creating A Dating Profile


Creating a good virtual dating profile is essential. Several aspects go into a good profile, including what kinds of pictures to add (pictures are a must), what type of information to include about yourself, and what information may be unnecessary for a dating profile. You may not be an expert at this and may need clarification on what to put on these sites.

Know The Right Things To Look For

Most people understand there are relationship red flags to avoid. But we don't always know precisely what they are or recognize them if we come across them. I can help you understand and identify what your reflags and warning signs are and what to look out for.

Honest Feedback About Dates


As your dating coach I'll help you before a date during the selection process. But I'll also help in analyzing the dates you go on. We can talk about how things went and you'll get honest feedback about your dates' qualities. This is useful because you'll likely go on dates with several different people during our time working together. It's uncommon to find the right long-term match on the first date if a long-term relationship is what you're looking for.

What My Coaching Clients Have to Say.

"I worked with Rick after the end of a relationship that I still wanted, I was devastated!  At a crucial part in my life Rick listened to me, encouraged me, confronted me, taught me how to think about the person, and even gave me homework to do - all in order to get through the deep pain that comes with unwanted endings.   His experience and knowledge was incredibly valuable to me, just to have someone I knew would be on my side to walk with me through this difficult time. Grief is a long process with no easy answers and having someone on my side to listen and help me gave me a solid foundation to move forward."

- Paxton

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