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Settling for less than everything you want is not the right way to have an extraordinary relationship.

All your life you've been told that you deserve the best. The best car, the best clothes, the best vacation, and the best house in the best neighborhood. These are just a few of the best things you're told you deserve.

But, when it comes to relationships you're expected to settle for just okay. If you hold out for more, you're told you're too picky!

If he treats you well, he's a keeper.
If she loves you, don't let her go.

Sound familiar?

For most people this is exactly how their dating life stacks up. It may be good but it's not extraordinary.

Why? Because you settled for what you thought was the best you could find at the time.

The result...divorce, emotional and financial turmoil, and broken families, or a lifetime of mediocre marriage.

That's not the way it should be and you can have all of it!

It starts with taking care of yourself first, being emotionally ready to date. This includes protecting yourself from the emotional roller coaster ride that some bad relationships cause you.

Be crystal clear about what you want, stand firm in boundaries, and refuse to settle for less than an extraordinary partner.

Develop clear communication skills and start sharing your most important wants, needs, and desires in your relationship.

Learning to recognizing poor relationships quickly keeps you from wasting time and emotional energy with the wrong person.

In my book, Dating Backward, I help you design the relationship of your dreams and not settle for anything less than your soul mate.

Set yourself up for dating and relationship success. Order your copy of Dating Backward now.



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