#9 - Express your feelings

Emotions bring feelings to communication and that can bring special challenges. If you are the type of person that has difficulty expressing your feelings or concerns, take an inward look at yourself and try to figure out what holds you back. Understanding what holds you back is the first step in figuring out how to communicate more effectively with your mate. For some pe…ople, getting professional help to deal with significant personal issues may be advisable. Learning to express your feelings in a respectful, open and honest way will help you create a significantly stronger connection with your mate.


Men, this is where we tend to stumble and fall. For most of us, we were taught that if you showed any emotions other than negative emotions such as anger or frustration, you are a wimp. If you showed any positive emotions such as love, tenderness or even cried, you would be considered a sissy. As we have discussed previously, God gave us emotions for a reason. It is ultimately not healthy to turn your emotions inward and withhold them from your mate. Being able to share your emotions with your mate is an incredibly important part of the communication process and to the future success of your relationship. If you keep your emotions closed off from your mate, you put distance between the two of you. In essence you are building a wall that your mate will have difficulty climbing over, going around or breaking through. Time and again, studies have shown that communicating feelings frees the body and mind of stress which, in turn, creates a healthier you both physically and mentally.