#87 - Are you being the man she wants in her life?



A woman wants to know that she is loved and cherished.  She wants to feel that her man is paying attention to her.  Are you doing the little things like an occasional bouquet of flowers for no reason?  Do you regularly plan an evening or weekend get-away of things that you both will enjoy without her having to make all the decisions or arrangements?  Do you hold her hand as you walk down the street?  Are you allowing her time to pamper herself with manicures and pedicures without complaint and on her own without you?  These are important things to most women.  They are simple and don’t take a lot of effort.


Women love a man that is intelligent.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a PhD.  What it does mean is that you need to keep learning, to keep educating yourself on things other than work and sports.  This means picking up a book (not a magazine) and reading it from cover to cover.  What should you be reading?  Whatever interests you.  For me, I enjoy learning about relationships and how to improve them.  If you enjoy history, read about that.  If you enjoy cooking, read about that and perfect your cooking skills.  Whatever your interest, there is plenty to learn about.  The key is to keep learning.  As life coach Anthony Robbins puts it, learn the art of CANI; Constant And Never-ending Improvement.


Make sure she knows that you value her and your relationship.  She is not there just for service to you and to make you happy.  You also need to be there for her.  Listen to her attentively when she wants to have a serious conversation.  When she asks you for help, whether it is to fix something around the house or to help with daily chores, do your best to accommodate her request promptly.  Don’t put it off as being less important than watching the news or your favorite sports team.  Show her that she is the most important person in your life.


Be a gentleman!  Open the door for her.  Walk on the curb-side of the street so she is protected.  Stand when she enters the room.  Seat her at the table first and stand until she is seated.  This sounds like a lot to remember.  It really isn’t.  Your woman will be grateful and proud to have you in her life.  And guys, here is one of the biggest benefits, her girlfriends will be extremely jealous because they don’t receive the same attention from the men in their lives.


It is so easy to be on good behavior for the first date or even the first few dates.  Be the best you can be for her every day.  Make your best behavior your everyday behavior.  You will develop a much deeper and committed relationship and she will love and appreciate you for the effort you put in.


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