#69 - Are you willing to do what it takes to keep an extraordinary relationship extraordinary?

New relationships are always exciting.  They often bring spontaneity, surprises and plenty of attention to each other.  What happens when the new wears off?  What happens to your love when you start falling into a daily routine?


This is where the real work of a relationship begins.  In the beginning, we all try to put our best foot forward and make the extra effort to be fun and exciting.  When we slip into the daily routine of life, most of us gradually stop putting in the extra effort because we no longer feel the need to impress our mate.  Usually, you are both to tired from your long days at work.  It is easier to grab some take out food or throw a pizza in the oven than it is to spend time cooking together.  It is easier to go home, crash on the couch and watch a movie than it is to go out for an evening of dancing.


The Law of Motion or Inertia not only apply to objects, but relationships as well.  When you let your world overwhelm you with tasks, chores, stress, etc., you start to lose focus on the one you love.  As your focus changes, your relationship changes.  It becomes stale and stagnates and you start to take each other for granted.  Once you get to this point, your relationship is in jeopardy of stalling and failing.


To keep your relationship moving forward you need to provide some effort.  That effort will not need to be as much as it took to get your relationship going.  In most cases, it will be the simple things; a note, a phone call, a date night, a spontaneous drive into the country to look at the stars…  It doesn’t need to be a continuous full-on effort, just a little effort from both of you.


What do you do to keep your relationship extraordinary?  Share your ideas with us.