#68 - Are you able to take a truly introspective look at your life?

Most of us can identify our strengths , but are you able to identify your weaknesses?  This is something that is very difficult for most of us to do including me.  Over the past 25 years I have been blessed with people that have come into my life and have stepped up to the roll of mentor.

A mentor or a coach will help you look at your personal life or your business life and help you see things from a different perspective.  While your mentor should only have your best interest at heart, some of the conversations can be brutally painful and eye opening.  Very few of us want to think that we could be doing something wrong or be moving in the wrong direction with our life.  Even fewer of us are willing to deal with emotional or intellectual distress of admitting we could be wrong and to seriously look at making necessary changes in our life.  We all want to think that we have life (or business) figured out and everything is good.  I am guilty of thinking this way.


Learn to recognize the potential mentors in your life.  All to often, we push these people away from us because we don’t want to deal with certain realities in life.  Yet, these are the very people we need to help us focus on correcting the weaknesses that are holding us back.  Having the maturity to seek improvement in life is a huge advantage in being able to achieve your goals whether it is in business or personal life.


Learn not to push your potential mentors/coaches away.  Listen and learn from their experience.  They have already learned what you need to know.