#61 - A gentlemen should...

I have been asked to write about the art of being a gentleman. In doing my research, I have found several good blogs and books on the topic. So, I will keep this relatively short by just listing some of the key characteristics of a gentleman.


A gentleman should always:
  • Open doors for a lady
  • Walk her to her car or front door
  • Walk on the curb side of the street
  • Seat the lady first before sitting down
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion
  • Use good manners
  • Be hygienic
  • Be honest
  • Be a gracious winner
  • Be a gracious loser
  • Make others feel like they are the center of attention
  • Watch your mouth
  • Remove your hat indoors
  • Wait for others to get their food before eating
  • Help a lady with her coat
  • Reach for the check
If you have questions on how or why, just Google “etiquette of a gentleman” and you will find plenty of resources.