#7 - Who is the center of attention in your relationship?


Is your focus on your mate? Is your mate’s focus on you? Or does 100% of the focus go to just one mate? In an extraordinary relationship the focus should go both ways. Your focus should be on your mate and your mate’s focus should be on you. You should be doing things for each other with no expectation of anything in return.


If you are no…t in this type of non-marital relationship, you should take a step back to evaluate the situation. Is there a temporary focus on one mate to achieve a particular goal, start a new business, or due to the ill health of one person just to name a few reasons? Or, has the relationship always been one sided with all the focus on one partner? If it has always been one sided, it is not a healthy relationship. One person is doing all the giving and loving and the other is just receiving. One person is putting all the effort into the relationship and the other is not. Eventually, the person doing all the giving will feel empty, hollow, neglected, and even resentful because none of their emotional needs are being met. This is the type of relationship you should walk away from.


Focus can shift from time to time based on the situations within the relationship but ultimately should settle back to your focus on each other.


Note: If one or both partners have children in the home, the children’s needs should be the first priority.