#40 - Gentlemen, here are some dating tips for dating a much more successful woman

They are pretty much universal to any dating situation but a couple do specifically apply to “dating up”.

1) Be yourself! Don’t try to be someone you are not. She wants to know who YOU are, not who you are pretending to be. She will figure you out eventually. Build your relationship on the truth and it will take you much farther.


2) Don’t expect her to pay…especially on the first date! If you invite her out, expect to pick up the check. Always offer to pay at least your fair share whether it’s for dinner out or groceries for an evening in.


3) Learn to listen. A relationship is not all about you. Ask her how her day was and be truly interested in what she has to say. If you don’t understand what she tells you, ask her to explain. Women love when their man takes an interest in what they do, especially if she is successful at it.


4) If she is successful, she probably has a strong personality. Don’t be intimidated by a strong woman. They want to be in a relationship of equals…at least in personality. Often, away from work, they are just like any other woman. They want to be loved and cared for just like anyone else.


5) If she is more financially successful, don’t be intimidated by her income! Often times men will walk away from a woman that earns more money because he thinks he should be the bread winner in the relationship. Just as important, don’t take advantage of her income. She wants to be with a mate, not a mooch!


6) Continue to improve yourself both financially and intellectually. Successful women want to be with someone that has the potential for success. (Your success does not necessarily need to match hers success.) They also enjoy a relationship with someone that continues to learn and can challenge her intellectually. I cannot tell you how many times I have had successful women tell me they want a deep thinker, not just someone that is superficial. You need to be able to talk about something other than yourself and sports.


7) Have goals for your life. They should include both personal and work/financial goals. Not only do successful women want to see that you have potential for success, but they want to know that you have a plan to achieve your goals. Again, you do not necessarily have to try to match her financial success, but be successful at what ever it is you do.


8) Make your relationship all about her. She wants your attention and focus when you are out for the evening or home just watching a movie. Her focus will be all about you especially if you are in an extraordinary relationship.


9) Do special things for her. If you can afford a bouquet of flowers, great. If not, get her a single rose. Give her a card or hand written note from time to time. Make plans to do something with her. Don’t let her do all the planning for an evening out. Its not the quantity, but the quality of time and the thought that goes into it whatever you do for her.


10) Always, always, always be a gentleman. Always treat her with dignity and respect. She should NEVER have to open a door when you are with her. She should always be seated first. She should always be served first. If you don’t know what it means to be a gentleman then seek out someone that can teach you. Great manners will show your love and respect for her.


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