#39 - Have you ever had a soul mate?

This is a question I have been asked many times over the past couple of years. Both Penny and I have had soul mate relationships. In some respects they were very similar and yet in other respects they were very different just as they will be, or are, for each of you. Because we are all different, have different wants, needs, and desires, our soul mate relationships are going to be different.


There are some common threads to all soul mate relationships though. It has to do mostly with feelings and emotions. You and your mate will share an unconditional love. With this love, you give unconditionally to your mate with no expectation of anything in return and they do the same for you. Beyond the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical connections, you will typically speak the same love languages. (If you haven’t read The Five Love Languages, go out and get it this weekend and read it…after you read our book, of course! LOL) Your level of communication is greater than anything you have ever experienced. As we stated in a recent post, there is just no one else you want to spend your time with!


You and your soul mate will be whole, complete, and happy people individually. But together, you are more than whole! What you can achieve together is far greater than what you can achieve alone. Achievements or accomplishments by one mate brings joy, happiness, and pride among other feelings to the other mate. There is no jealousy of each other, just shared pride and encouragement.


All of what is written here just barely scratches the surface of what a soul mate connection is like. I have found that only those that have experienced this connection can truly relate to what I am trying to convey. Every person that we have talked to that is in or has had a soul mate relationship will tell you that they have never felt so much joy and peace in their entire life as they have with that one special person.


As always, we hope that if you are seeking your soul mate that you will not settle for less than extraordinary. We are here to help and guide you in your search. If you have personal questions, please contact us at [email protected].