#361 - Does True Love Still Exist?

Does True Love Still Exist?

That’s a question that has been rattling around in my brain lately. As a dating coach, I’m bombarded daily by the negativity of people that have been hurt by someone they loved.

It’s so easy to be jaded by unhappy people, all the terrible things on the nightly news, and by all the sad stories of cheating, scamming, or loss of a loved one. But is that all there really is? Are all the mid-life singles doomed to a life of being alone and lonely for the rest of our lives?

I don’t think so! I think God has other plans for us…as long as we’re open to the possibilities. And THAT is the key! You have to be open to the possibilities and believe that good things, even great things can happen to you.

How is that going to happen for you? I have no clue. But I do know you can’t give up on your dream of finding your special someone…your soul mate. You can’t give up on the romance that you desire deep down in your soul.

I believe that to keep your dream alive you have to work at it. And when things get tough or look bleak, and they will, you have to stay strong.

Finding the love of your life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. There will be a lot of false starts until the right one comes along. And when you meet him or her you’ll know why all the previous relationships didn’t work out.

There are a select few of you that will read this that have already experienced a soul mate relationship. You already understand how high your standards need to be for that to happen again.

As for the rest of us, we have to accept on faith that our extraordinary relationship is out there and waiting for us. That can be a challenge for even the strongest among us. It’s the same faith we need to believe that God will provide for our needs.

He knows what your desires are and would love to fulfill them for you. But, you have to stay out of His way and not choose a relationship that doesn’t have His blessing.

I’ve tried to do things my way, choosing women that had some great qualities yet weren’t everything He wanted me to have. I’ve had to learn to let go and sit in the silence to hear His wisdom for me.

How did I know they weren’t right for me? That’s really easy now that I look back. In each of the great relationships I’ve had, there was always a nagging feeling that something was missing or something wasn’t right in some unexplainable way.

Do I believe true love still exists? You bet I do! I’ve been close a couple of times and those connections were really good. I’m looking forward to my continuing journey to find my extraordinary love.

And while I’m searching for my extraordinary love, I’m here to help you find yours. If you’re a hopeless romantic like me, come and join me and let’s share our journeys together.