#331 - Some days are easier than others

dating relationships

Most days I can just sit down and write about dating or relationships and in an hour or so I’m done. Today…not so much.

My mind is racing through a variety of subjects, some relating to dating, some to relationships, and some to my business and personal life. Here are some random thoughts.

Dating can be frustrating, it can be fun, it can be work, it can be exciting, and so much more.

Dating should be about the journey, not the destination. If you’re focusing solely on the destination, you’ll miss all the special moments along the way.

Not every first date is going to go well. Cherish the ones that do even if they don’t turn into your soul mate relationship.

Learn from each of your dating experiences. What did you like about your date? Were they funny, entertaining, kind, generous, or attentive? Or were they aloof, unaware, inattentive, boring, or had a negative comment for everything?

Find the traits you love and want in your next relationship and avoid the ones you don’t.

Since the beginning of time people have settled for less than what they truly desired in a relationship. Stop falling into the “You’re too picky” trap. Search for the one that will ultimately enhance everything about your life.

Is it okay to miss someone you broke up with? I say yes especially if you dated for a while.

They became part of your daily life. You had someone to talk to, someone to cook with, and even someone to do things for.

When you breakup, whatever the reason, there is a void and it takes time to fill.

Hopefully you’ll have some pleasant memories. But don’t let those memories cause you to reach out and go back. Always remember, you broke up for a reason. Those reasons rarely change.

Whenever you find yourself struggling with loneliness, resist the temptation to call. As I stated last week, it will only lead to having to start the healing process all over again.

Remember, when it’s done, it’s done. Don’t try to get the last word or make a point or try to hurt someone with endless texts or emails. Let the relationship go.

I’m blessed to do many wonderful things like spend summers in northern Wisconsin, go sailing, and spend time with lifelong friends.

After my father passed a few years ago I recognized the importance of doing things that you love to do and not just the things you need to do.

Life passes by quickly the older we get. If only I could go back to the days when I would sit around an complain to my mother that I was bored. Today I don’t have time to be bored. 😊

I get tired of the daily dating grind too. Searching social media, online sights, the random meeting at the grocery store. LOL I need to get a life.

Just like you, I get into a routine that’s hard to break. So many things to do and so little time to do them and then you try to squeeze in a social life. Something’s gotta give!

Life is best when it can be shared and it’s even better when it can be shared with someone special. This doesn’t mean that you should settle just to fill that void.