#330 - Where are these emotions coming from?

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Over the weekend I had a conversation that brought out some painful memories from my past. Yesterday, someone sent me a link to a beautiful song that sent me into a funk.

That got me to thinking about the emotions that we all feel…joy, happiness, love, gratitude, awe, hope, and confidence are but a few of the positive emotions.

Then there is sadness, anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, shame, loneliness, depression, and guilt on the negative side.

All of these are normal emotions and we all experience most of them every single day. How many of them are you actually aware of?

There are days that we’ll go through a range of emotions and not even pay attention. For example, someone cuts you off in traffic or makes a stupid move in front of you. How do you react?

Do you get angry? This would be a common reaction because someone did something that was potentially dangerous and harmful to you.

Or did you just let it go and say to yourself, “wow, I wonder why they’re in such a hurry. Maybe they’re late for an important meeting. Maybe a loved one is sick and they are rushing meds home to them.

Whether its positive or negative, your emotions are signals that something is going on and you should take note.

For example, as I sit here writing I’m experiencing the peace and tranquility of a beautiful fall morning, the sun is shining brightly, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. The leaves are changing color and Chequamegon Bay has little ripples from a light breeze.

At the same time, I’m also experiencing a wave of sadness for reasons that shall remain private because they are deeply personal.

It’s okay to get emotional.
There are times in all of our lives that emotions will get the best of us. Sometimes sharing is the cure to get past difficult emotions and sometimes it’s not.

What’s not okay is to bottle up your emotions and bury them deep inside you. Guys, it’s okay to cry when you’re sad. It’s okay to share your deepest emotions with someone close to you.

Ladies, it’s okay to let go of the hurt and anger from past relationships. Not every guy you meet is going to be like your ex. It’s okay to move forward into a happier life.

It’s not okay to deny your emotions.
Emotions are a signal that you need to be aware of something that’s going on inside you.

It’s important to recognize your positive emotions and it’s even more important to recognize your negative emotions.

Just simply acknowledging your sadness, anger, or hurt is important. Sometimes you may not even know why you feel this way. This is when you need to sit quietly and trace where these feelings are coming from.

Sometimes it’s good to act and other times it isn’t.
Emotions sometimes cause us to act. Sometimes those reasons are good and others…not so much.

For example, you might feel appreciation for someone you see wearing a military veteran hat. You might thank them for their service or if you’re feeling especially appreciative, secretly pay for their meal.

On the other hand, it might not be a good idea to act on your sadness by reaching out to your ex. They are your ex for a reason. Reaching out will more than likely reopen emotional wounds that will need to be healed all over again.

I hope I’ve given you at least one new idea to make healthier dating and relationship decisions today.

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Have a great and blessed day.