#287 - Everyone needs affirmation now and them

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Everyone needs words of affirmation now and then.
Sometimes it’s as simple as a thank you. Other times it might be “I really appreciate all that you do.”

Yet other times it might be a Thank You card or a note with some heartfelt words.

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Recently I hosted a social event. While on my way to the event I was thinking through my workload and how I might change things up.

One of the things I was evaluating was whether to continue my blog and the video that goes along with it. There are several hours of work that are involved with writing, recording, editing, and posting my blog.

Then God stepped in. As I got to the event and got set up, the first attendees arrived. One of them immediately told me how much she appreciated my weekly emails and how helpful they were.

There were at least three additional similar unsolicited comments. While very much appreciated, it was the last thing I was expecting. I was blown away AND I got God’s message.

We all need affirmations from time to time.
It’s important to know that what we are doing is having an impact on someone or something.

We all need to know that we’re appreciated.
Over the years I’ve been blessed by people telling me how much something I’ve done means to them. Most people never hear those compliments from anyone.

I was amazed at all the people that turned out for my father’s funeral. Because he and I never had a great relationship I was in awe of all the kind words people had to say about him.

It was wonderful to be able to see a different side of my dad that I had never seen before. I only hope that he was able to hear some of these kind words while he was alive.

Don’t be afraid to give a compliment.
When you’re picking up your date, tell him or her how good they look. Compliment someone on the great meal they just prepared.

Compliment the wait staff on a job well done. Compliment the office manager for helping you work through a problem.

It doesn’t take much to lift someone up.
In fact, it’s much easier to do than to tear someone down. The problem is that too many people drift toward and focus on the negative.

It’s a sign of an emotionally weak person if they feel the need to tear someone down. It’s usually done to make themselves feel better because they’re not happy with their own life.

Don’t stoop to that level. Be a bigger person than that.

If someone is having a really bad day, if they’ve made a really huge mistake, don’t berate them. Odds are they feel bad enough as it is. You might even share a story of how you did something even worse…and you survived.

Don’t do good things just for recognition!
Always do the right things for the right reasons. I’ve found that the best reward is the great feeling I get inside for helping someone in need. It’s not for public recognition. It just makes me feel good.

I know there are seasons of life when you’re in need of help. And it’s okay to ask for help! Don’t steal someone else’s pleasure by being selfish and struggling unnecessarily.

In those seasons, be appreciative that you have people that are willing to give you a helping hand. Acknowledge what they’ve done to help you.

Be there for them at some point or pay it forward by doing something good for someone else.

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought to help you make healthier relationship decisions.

Please feel free share your thoughts, your successes, and your missteps to help others get better one step at a time. Leave a comment below or drop me an email at [email protected].