#269 - Finding your soul mate may be as easy as closing your eyes!

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Have you ever watched the Olympics, X Games, or other sporting events and thought how effortlessly these athletes make their sport look? What does it take for them to be at the top of their chosen sport? Surprisingly, some of the same techniques they use to be the best in the world are available to you right now.

It’s within your power to change almost anything in your life!
The human brain is an amazing organ. It is so complex that science is just scratching the surface of how it works and what it can do.

If you watch world class athletes before their events you can see them with their eyes closed, making gentle movements, all while visualizing their performance. They’re visualizing exactly what they are going to do down to the most minute movements.

They’re also visualizing the positive outcome of their event in their mind. They enter their field of play, or arena, or gym with a clear and positive mindset. They know exactly what they need to do to achieve their goal of first place or a gold medal.

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What if you could do the same thing when it comes to dating?
That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? The reality is…you can!

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in any part of life is limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is any thought or mindset you’ve adopted about what you can do, what you can’t do, and what is or isn’t possible.

If you’ve already convinced yourself it’s going to be too hard to date, you’re right. If you believe there are no good men left, you’re right. If you believe that all women are emotionally broken, you’re right. You should just quit now.

It’s all about attitude!
One of Henry Ford’s most famous quotes is “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

A few of you have been incredibly lucky and avoided most of the hurt in life. Yet, I know some of you have been hurt very deeply.

Either way and for whatever reason, you can choose to live with a chip on your shoulder and believe the world owes you something.

You can live with a “to hell with everyone and everything” attitude, do whatever you want and not care what anyone else thinks.

Or, you can live with grace, dignity, and a positive, can-do attitude and show the rest of the world what can be done.

So, how do you get to this place where you have such peace of mind?

If you can clearly picture your ideal relationship, you’re already halfway there!
Just like world class athletes and other professionals that use visualization techniques, you need to close your eyes and start to picture your ideal relationship.

When you start to visualize your soul mate, what do you see? Spend a little time just visualizing that special person. What physical traits do you see? Where are they? What are they doing?

Now visualize yourself in the picture. Notice the colors, the smells, the sounds of everything going on around you. How does this person and this relationship make you feel?

You’ll probably need to revisit this picture many times especially when you might feel discouraged. It helps if you can find a quiet place where there are no distractions.

Each time you visualize your soul mate, write down what you see, feel, hear, and smell. The actual practice of writing it down helps to anchor your vision, thoughts, and feelings in your mind.

Each time your visualization should become a little clearer, a little brighter, and more in focus. Each time you can add new details to your written description.

While this may sound hokey to some of you, it is an incredibly powerful tool to gaining clarity about what you want. It may even give you clarity on where to look for your special someone.

If you view dating as a negative challenge, then it will always be hard. It will always be troubling, and most dates and potential relationships will turn out badly.

If you view dating as a positive challenge and are willing to do what it takes to find the love of your life, then you’ll be invincible. I won’t lie! It’s discouraging at times, but the best things in life never come easy.

No world class athlete ever accomplished anything without a lot of blood, sweat, tears. They put in extraordinary effort, practice, and continually fine-tuned their skills.

Your results will be commensurate with the effort you put in and in the end, will be worth every tear and every frustration along the way. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy and nothing easy is every worthwhile.

The choice of what you believe is possible is totally yours. The amount of effort you put in is up to you. Great results rarely happen overnight. If you’re willing to be patient and willing to do what it takes to find your soul mate, you’ll be amazed at your results.

Today I hope I’ve given you a little motivation to step outside of your comfort zone and look at some new possibilities. Make this a personal challenge to take one small step at a time to keep your dating life moving forward.

Please share your successes and your missteps to help others see that you can get better one step at a time. Leave a comment below or drop me an email at [email protected].

Have a great and blessed day!