#26 - Are you locked into one set of beliefs?


 Every now and then I will hear something, read something, or experience something that shakes my basic beliefs. It makes me question what I believe and why. Sometimes as my understanding of a circumstance grows, my opinion will change. Other times, as I gain additional knowledge or understanding, it reaffirms why I believe as I do.


It is good to have …a strong belief system and to be able to stand up for what you believe. However, it is unhealthy to be so rigid that you are unwilling to review new information or a different paradigm and not be willing to re-evaluate your beliefs. A great example of being open to new possibilities is the woman I wrote about on Tuesday. While she believed in soul mates, she didn’t believe there was one out there for her. When she ultimately did find her soul mate, she was open to accepting a new belief…that there was a soul mate for her.


We have had many conversations with people that did not believe that they were worthy of, deserving of, or good enough to have a soul mate in their lives. Throughout their lives, whether because of circumstance, upbringing, or experiences, they developed a set of beliefs that they are not good enough. They set limits on themselves by the lies they believe. It is not hard to see how destructive these lies can be. It is a lot harder to correct that thinking after years of misguided belief.


You believe the way you do for a reason, some valid, some not. The key is be open to all possibilities, including the ones you may not agree with. But at least be open to re-evaluating your beliefs now and then. This applies to whether you believe in soul mates as well as all other beliefs you have.