#25 - I believe in soul mates, just not for me

This is the statement I heard from a friend for several months. Over that time I tried to convince her that there was someone out there for her. It just doesn’t happen when we want it to. This weekend I learned that she has found the love of her life. We sat and talked at length about the connection they feel, the similarities they have, and the feel…ing of completeness they feel when they are together. When I speak of completeness, it is not that either one was lacking anything individually, it is that they enhance each others qualities and lift each other to a higher, more joyful level of life.


This is yet another example of someone that didn’t believe that the joy and connection of a soul mate could exist for her/him. And, in the blink of an eye, staying on a dating website just one more day before hiding her profile, she was able to find an extraordinary connection. Dating is not easy and takes time and patience. It takes resolve to not settle for anything less than extraordinary.