#24 - Where have all the gentlemen gone?

This was a question I was asked over the weekend. There are still gentlemen out there but fewer and fewer each year. Society has changed how we look at ladies and gentlemen these days. In some circles it is frowned upon to have a man open a lady’s door. And more times than not, if the woman does enjoy having her door opened, she is not used to it and usually… will not wait for the man to do it. This begs the question; if you want a gentleman in your life, why won’t you let him treat you like a lady? And, why don’t you act like a lady?


Relationships are a two way street. You have to put in effort to be the type of person you want to attract. Men, you have to treat women with dignity and respect. Women, you have to treat men with appreciation and gratitude. Men, if you are not being respectful, don’t expect a lady to be appreciative and vise versa. Do not expect from your mate something you are unwilling to give.


This will be an attitude shift for many people. It needs to start with an inward look at yourself to determine if there needs to be an attitude adjustment or if you actually need to change some poor habits. Some of the smallest changes can yield some of the greatest changes (and results) in your dating life. It all starts with determining what you want in a relationship, doing an honest self evaluation and making the appropriate changes. This isn’t rocket science but it does take a little effort.


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