#23 - What's on your mind?

One aspect of great communication is being able to share what’s on your mind. Some times it’s sharing intimate issues with your mate and other times it is being able to share thoughts with your best friend. Sometimes… though, we have issues that are so deep, maybe hurtful, or embarrassing that we feel uncomfortable sharing with those closest to us. We don’t want our mate or best friend to think less of us because we may have used poor judgment, made a mistake, or failed at something.


This is the time that it may be useful to seek out a stranger, a professional counselor or coach.If you have any negative issues that you are keeping hidden from sight for almost any reason, it may be time to seek help from someone that you can confide in that will protect your privacy. A life coach can help you get past some issues but should quickly realize that deeper issues are best left for trained counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrists.


If you have general dating/relationship questions please feel free to contact us here or at our website at We will be happy to answer your personal questions. If you have more serious issues to discuss, we have several great counselors in the Kansas City area that we can refer you to. If you live outside the KC area, we will work to find you a good counselor in your area.