# 2 - Going back to a past love

toxic relationships

If you have been in the dating world very long at all you will come across people that you have an interest in and all of a sudden they are no longer available. They have chosen to start dating a past boyfriend or girlfriend. You may have made this same decision at some point. Much of the reason we do this is because it is easy. We know our past loves and there is no…t as much effort that has to go into getting to know them as with a new relationship. We tend to remember the best parts of these past relationships and forget the problem areas.


As with any past relationship, there are reasons it didn’t work in the first place otherwise you would have still been together. If you renew a past relationship, be aware that the reasons it didn’t work the first (second or third) time are still there. The problems of the past aren’t going to change. You can’t change them and they can’t change who you are. That is why these on again off again relationships continue to fail. If you were right for each other in the first place, you would have still been together.



Going back to a past relationship is rarely the right thing to do. It is usually the easy thing to do. Life and relationships are not always easy. You need to know what you want in your next relationship and stay focused on that. The more time you spend in the wrong relationship, the less time you have to spend finding the right one. Past relationships are merely distractions that keep you from finding an extraordinary relationship…your soul mate.