#195 - Are you the person you've love to date?

To some of you, this question sounds goofy. Why would you want to date yourself?

It’s not that you want or need to date someone just like you. It’s about being a quality person, it’s about being someone datable.

Those that struggle the most seem to be those people that think they’ve learned all they need to know. They go through life set in their ways with no intention of ever changing or growing.

They’re content with who they are and think that everyone else should be too.

The fact is, you need to be better today than who you were yesterday.

Men need to step up and act like men. Be the moral, courageous, shining example of what a Godly man should be. Learn some of the fundamental rules of being a gentleman. Learn to treat a lady with respect. You’re not God’s gift to women and can be replaced in a New York minute…which is about 30 seconds.

Women need to step up and act like women. Be the noble, respectful, and uplifting woman God created you to be. Expect to be treated with dignity and respect. If you’re not, turn and walk away.

There is a great meme I see floating around every now and again. It goes something like this. “Men and women were not created equal. Women were created to do everything a man can’t do.”

We need to recognize and appreciate our differences. The social re-engineering movement that has taken place over the past 50 plus years has confused the gender roles.

In spite of all these changes, most people I meet long for the traditional roles of men and women. Women want to be cherished and treated with dignity and respect. They don’t want to be treated as a “buddy” or “one of the guys”.

While I can’t speak for all women, a vast majority of the women I know love to be treated like ladies. They love to have the door opened for them. They love to be treated to dinner out, i.e. the man pays.

One more thing
Ladies, you’ve more than likely had one or more bad experiences in marriage or long-term relationships. Because of your bad experiences, don’t lump all men into the category as unworthy of you. There are a lot of great guys out there. You have to get past the walls that you’ve built up to protect yourself. You just have to give the good guys a chance.

Remember, you’re the common denominator in all your relationships. If your overall relationship experiences are bad, you have to look at the choices you’ve made in the men you’ve dated or married. What is it about the men you desire to be with that causes you to consistently pick the wrong one? Take personal responsibility for your choices.

Men, it’s time to step up and be a real man. Intelligence and responsibility are always much sexier and desirable than arrogance and irresponsibility. Be a lifelong learner. Be responsible for your actions, your finances, and your life! Don’t expect a woman to fall in love with you, much less date you, if you can’t take care of yourself physically, financially, spiritually, and emotionally.

Remember, there’s always going to be a**holes and the narcissistic, self-centered pieces of dog excrement that give all men a bad name. There’re also the crazy, needy, jealous, insecure women. They’re out there. Learn to recognize them and avoid dating them. If you need help with this, check out The 5 Biggest Dating and Relationship Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

Act the way you want to be treated. Be the person you’d love to date!