#175 - Is your ideal relationship a fantasy?

Are you looking for the magical, effortless relationship where everything just falls into place? You can stop looking! It doesn’t exist…except in some Hollywood movies or romance novels.

This week we explore the possibility that you may have unreal expectations about what an ideal relationship should look like.

Rick Soetebier

Is Your Ideal Relationship a Fantasy?

You can’t expect your mate to carry all your burdens for you. Sometimes you’re going to have to carry your burdens alone. And sometimes you will have to carry their burdens as well as your own.

When you have the right mindset, you’ll find someone to share not only life’s burdens with but also the joy and happiness of daily life together. Make sure your ideal relationship is based in reality, not a fantasy. Recognize that you’ll have to put effort into making your relationship great.

Take some time to realistically think about your relationship wants, needs, and desires. Make sure your expectations align with reality.

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