#169 - Emotional paralysis from stress and overwhelm

Have you ever been so stressed or overwhelmed with something that you couldn’t make a decision or figure out where to start?

I know I have! And, it doesn’t make any difference whether you’re dealing with work, family, or relationship issues. Stress and overwhelm and make you feel paralyzed.

It can be embarrassing at times…at least for me. I like to think that I have my act pretty well together, yet there are times that I look around me and see all the things I need to do and become paralyzed. I don’t know where to start. Everything seems important and urgent and needs to be done right now!

Emotional Paralysis from Stress and Overwhelm

Consider changing the way you look at things. Rather than saying “I could never do that!” to “What do I need to do to accomplish that?” Rather than saying “I just have too much to do!” try “I wonder how much I can get done.” Or “I wonder how fast I can get this done.”

We’re always going to have something in our lives that give us stress or overwhelm us. Recognize the feelings and then try some of the techniques I’ve suggested. Give yourself a little quiet time. Fill your mind with good knowledge. Change they way you talk to yourself. Take one small action that will move you forward and start to give you some momentum to take more action.

Hopefully I have given you some ideas to help you through those times of paralyzing stress and overwhelm.