#163 - Train wreck after train wreck - the bachelor and the bachelorette



This week I thought I’d take some time to talk about the reality TV show, The Bachelor.

You see, Tuesday morning I got a call from my Business Coach, Joyce Layman. She excitedly asked me; “Did you see The Bachelor last night?” I hadn’t so she went on to explain what a train wreck the supposed final episode was. She also said, “They’re doing another hour show tonight. You need to watch it!”

I did and here is my take on the show overall and Tuesday night’s final final episode. Watch now.


There is a learning moment here. It takes time and effort to discover and nurture a great relationship. Reality TV perpetuates the Hollywood and romance novel stereo types of love.

Yes, the right relationship can seem almost magical. However, all great relationships take work…much more than you will see on a reality TV show.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Vlog.

See you next week.


Rick Soetebier