#147 - How to destroy a friendship in 3 dates or less!

If you really want to kill a relationship that hasn’t even had a chance to start or to destroy a friendship of many years, just ask for and expect sex! Whether its the first date, the third date or a casual date with a friend, it’s a huge turn-off for most women when a man makes sexual advances. It’s no wonder that women ask “Where have all the good men gone?” In the past few weeks I have heard countless stories of guys just out looking for some action thinking they are God’s gift to women. Most women can see right through the game you are playing. Don’t be a tool! 

Ladies, you’re not off the hook here either. While it’s less common, there are plenty of women that are completely willing to jump into bed just to satisfy their sexual desires. If you’re willing to hop in the sack that quickly, you’re probably not good enough for him. He will use you to satisfy his needs and then dump you. You will be left with anger and frustration wondering what happened and why he left. Don’t be a booty call or a door mat! If he’s not willing to wait, he’s not good enough for you.

I’m not trying to be a prude here. I’m just telling it like it is, and I have the science to back me up. When you don’t spend time getting to know someone before jumping into bed, you are setting yourself up for a lot of emotional hurt, guilt and shame because the sexual pleasure is only temporary. It’s bad enough when a relationship ends because of any of a myriad of incompatibility reasons. Don’t compound the problem by adding sex to that equation. And here’s a news flash for you ladies; Putting out may bring him back for a night, but it won’t keep him around for the long run. 

As a society, we have cheapened the sexual experience to simply satisfy our immediate desires. Sex is designed for a monogamous relationship. As good as it might be for a one nighter or short-term relationship, it is nothing compared to making love to the man or woman of your dreams where all the senses are heightened because of your deep emotional connection to each other.

Men, if you want to be God’s gift to women, get to know her. Spend time with her. Be a gentleman and treat her like a lady. Don’t make sex a priority in your life or in a relationship! Ultimately, you’ll be glad you waited.

Ladies, if you want to be God’s gift to men, don’t be a door mat. Don’t be a pushover. Save yourself for the right man and an extraordinary relationship. Making love is so much more pleasing and fulfilling than just having sex. 

Or…you can ignore my words, get laid and wonder why you feel so cheap when he’s out the door and doesn’t call.

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