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a :  assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something
b :  one in which confidence is placed

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These are common definitions of the word Trust. Trust is a key component in any relationship whether it is a romantic relationship, a causal friendship or a business relationship. For most people, trust has to be earned over time. To earn trust, words and actions must be congruent and consistent. If they aren’t, trust is difficult, if not impossible, to develop.
Once trust is broken, it is extremely difficult to rebuild. I’ve recently read a quote, the author of which escapes me. It goes something like this; Trust is like a sheet of paper. Once it’s crumpled, it can never be perfect again. Relationships are the same way! When trust is violated, no matter what you do to try to work things through and smooth things over, it’s never quite the same again.
I am always amazed by people who have had their trust broken on multiple occasions and yet will still go back to the person that has violated their trust. From the prospective of a romantic relationship, if you are the recipient of this forgiveness, you are blessed, however undeserving you might be. If you are the one that continually has your trust broken, why are you so willing to overlook the past?
This willingness to repeatedly overlook broken trust issues may also be a sign of a dysfunctional relationship. Do you really need a relationship so badly that you are willing to give up your self-respect to try to keep the relationship alive?
Relationships cannot function properly without trust. Can trust be rebuilt after it has been broken? Absolutely, but it takes a lot of work. These questions come to mind at this point. What is missing in the relationship that causes one or both to violate the others trust? If there is something missing, is it worth the effort to invest any more time to try to salvage it? This is where we have to dig really deep to ask ourselves the hard questions and be brutally honest with each other.
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