#115 - I'm old-school when it comes to dating!

Recently I was on a local TV morning show panel and the question of who should pay for the date came up. The other two gentlemen on the panel agreed that the lady should pay her half. I disagree and believe that men should pay at least until you are in a monogamous committed relationship.
I Believe:
I believe that a man should hold the door open for his date (and every other woman for that matter) as a sign of respect. I’ve heard horror stories from men opening doors for women only to be publicly shamed by her because she can do it herself!
I believe that a man should pay for the date until you are in a monogamous relationship. Ladies, its nice if you offer to pay for at least part of the date, but you should expect him to pay. This too is a sign of respect for the lady. Note: If you are just friends and dating casually, then it could be appropriate for the lady to pay for her part.
I believe that the lady should be seated at the table first and that the man should stand whenever she leaves or returns to the table.
I believe that the man should walk on the street side of the woman to protect her from traffic, water/mud splashing, etc.
Societal Changes
In the past 50 years or so, men have lost their way. Societal changes have caused men to become confused about their role in a relationship. We have been told that women can do everything on their own and don’t need a man. If a woman wants a man, he has to be able to show emotion…his softer feminine side. Yet, in her very next breath she will complain that there are no manly men left. Hmmm! I wonder why!
For lack of better terms, men have become lazy. not necessarily willfully but because of confusion. Men are supposed to be the strong protectors and providers yet have a soft emotional side. Most of today’s men have lost the knowledge of how to be a gentleman. Fathers have given up trying to figure out what women want and consequently have stopped teaching their sons how to treat a woman.
Women have become lazy also. They have been told they should do everything for themselves and consequently have stopped expecting men to be gentlemen. Yet, I have only met one woman that argued with me about opening her door. She had not been raised to understand that it is a sign of respect. Most women I know have to be asked to wait for the door to be opened for them.
Finally, men, if you want to attract a higher quality woman in your life, learn to act like a gentleman. There are plenty of resources on-line to help you. I’m convinced that if you act like a gentleman and treat her like a lady, you will win her heart faster than any good looks, smooth talk or gifts ever will,


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