Warning: Dating isn't for the weak spirited.

Finding your soul mate will be one of the hardest challenges you face.

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For most of you, finding your soul mate will be one of the hardest challenges you face as a Mid-life single. It will also be the most rewarding thing you do.

There will be struggles with finding someone good enough to date, bad dates, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and broken hearts. The walls you build to protect your heart get higher and thicker with each disappointment.

There will be times when you schedule a date and at the last minute you start second-guessing your decisions and want to back out. You’ll fall in love with someone only to discover they aren’t a good match and you have to start all over again.

You’ll likely go steady with someone even though you know deep down it’s not the match you’re looking for and hope that something will magically change between the two of you. You’ll fear letting go while telling yourself “This relationship isn’t that bad” or “what if I don’t find anyone better?”

All this is enough to cause most people to give up dating completely!

Not everyone has the tenacity or grit to continue dating long enough to find their soul mate. In a worst-case scenario, it can take you several years to find your special love. You have to be prepared for frustration, disappointment, and rejection.

Finding your soul mate is a life changing experience which few ever achieve. Sometimes it has to do with the energy you invest in your search. In other cases, it has to do with the everyday mistakes associated with dating. Often it’s because you’re in a mode of seeking immediate gratification. Dating should be as easy as it was when you were in high school or college, right!?!

Let me ask you a question. Look back on all of your greatest accomplishments. Which ones are you most proud of? Is it the ones that were easy to achieve or the ones that were most challenging?

My guess is that, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll say it’s the ones that were the most difficult. Things like raising your children, buying the home you saved years for, building a business, or getting the promotion you strived for.

It might even be simpler things like learning how to knit or crochet, becoming a fantastic cook or baker, learning how to fly, becoming skilled at plumbing, welding, or woodworking.

All of your greatest accomplishments took time and effort. The same is true about finding your soul mate. And by the way, if you don’t believe in the term soul mate, replace it with extraordinary relationship, forever love, or whatever else might feel more comfortable. To me, they all refer to the same thing…a connection with someone that is so deep and so strong that it literally transcends words.

Now, imagine what your life could be like if you devoted enough time and effort to find your soul mate in spite of all the difficulties that come with that journey! How will this relationship enhance your life?

Imagine being with someone that is supportive, nurturing, caring, loving, loyal, honest, and kind. Imagine being with someone that you connect with so deeply that you instinctively want to be a better person for them every day.

Your primary focus in life becomes to enhance each other’s lives every day. Even in the rough times, and there will be plenty, you both seek each other out for support and comfort.

Your journey to finding your extraordinary love may be a long one but will be incredibly rewarding in the end.

If you have the desire, determination, and drive to find your soul mate and would like a mentor along the way, I’m here to help. I’ve helped more than 200 people over the past 10 years along their journey of finding their soul mate. Email me at [email protected] to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to see if you’re someone I can help too.

Happy Dating!