#8 - The importance of values

Values are indicative of a person’s philosophy for living and are influenced by where you live, the era of birth, parent’s values, friend’s values, school experiences, religious beliefs and everything else that can impact the individual’s life. It cannot be stated strongly enough that parenting styles and parental values directly impact our emotional connectedness to others. Finding the soul mate that has virtues is to find a person actively living by their values and this is more precious than gold and silver. Some core values that demonstrate a willingness to put others ahead of self needs are:




It is important to understand that your values should be in alignment with each other. This can be a significant factor in the success or failure of a relationship. Without having similar values, you bring potential conflict into the future of your relationship. Very few people we know can have an extraordinary relationship if their values are not aligned. When these values are in alignment and put into action it creates energy in a relationship that nurtures the soul. A hallmark sign of a potential soul mate are many shared values. Mature individuals draw on the experiences of others, find and integrate all that holds meaning, respect others who differ and reevaluate personal values as life progresses.