#79 - It's the simple things that matter!



One of the things we often fail to recognize is that it’s the simple things that can make the greatest impact in a relationship.  Things like a phone call in the middle of the day to say Hi, holding hands, a hug.  Even simple things like taking out the garbage without being asked, putting dirty clothes in the hamper or folding clean clothes and putting them away have a great impact.


None of these things is a big deal in and of themselves.  It is the message they convey that makes them a big deal.  And this message says “I care.”  There is nothing more important than letting those around you know that you care.  You don’t have to do special things for someone everyday, but it’s nice.  It is the random acts of kindness that can also have the biggest impact on someone’s day.  In addition, a smile can mean more to someone than you will ever possibly know.


The really great thing about doing any little act of kindness for someone else is the impact that it has on you!  How often have you done a “good deed” or complimented someone and then walked away feeling better because you brightened their day?  The little acts of service or gestures of kindness are incredibly powerful for strengthening any relationship.


What have you done today to make someone’s day brighter?