#78 - Have you ever thought about setting an audacious relationship goal?

Have you ever thought about setting an audacious relationship goal?

I have never looked at it in that way before, but inadvertently that is exactly what I have done.  What is an audacious goal?  Well, really, that is up to each of us individually.  In general it is a goal that will make us think, work harder than we have ever worked, be more focused than we have ever been before and not accepting anything less than total fulfillment of our goal.


Is it realistic to think that you can have an audacious relationship goal.  Probably not…unless you are very serious about achieving it.  One of the truly important things about setting any goal, whether it is personal or business, is that you need to stay focused on the end result.  You also need to enjoy the journey you are on while working toward your goal.  When you lose focus or are distracted, it is easy to get off track and settle for results that are less than audacious.


It is important to remember that your goal is your goal and nobody else’s.  You are going to have outside influences that are going to try to distract you.  They will tell you that you can’t have everything you want in a relationship.  Your expectation is unrealistic.  You are living in a fantasy world.  You’re looking for perfection and nobody is perfect.  How do I know?  I have had these very things said to me.  Do these people distract me?  Of course they do…for a short period of time.  Then I think about my happiness and what’s important to me and I get focused again.  I’ll even admit that from time to time I question my relationship goal.  And then, I always revert back to what will make me the happiest.  Will settling for less than extraordinary make me happy?  No, never.  Settling will only create short-term comfort and long-term unhappiness.


It is this simple.  Decide what your audacious goal is.  Determine what is necessary for you to achieve this goal and focus your efforts on achieving it.  Dating is an adventure.  Enjoy the journey!  If you want more information about my dating coach services, help figuring out or reviewing your audacious relationship goal or to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me, send an e-mail to


Oh, what is my audacious goal?  I want to be 1/2 of that couple that every couple strives to be.  You know the one; the couple that will still be holding hands as they shuffle down the street when they are 95 years old.


What is your audacious relationship goal?