#71 - How well do you know your significant other?

If you have been with someone for any amount of time, one would think they had a pretty good knowledge of each other.  This may not necessarily be the case.  Oh sure, you may know his favorite TV show or you may know her favorite color.  You may even know some things like favorite time of the year, their best friend from grade school or what’s on their bucket list.  Often times the things we know are mostly superficial.


Have you ever tried to have a really deep meaningful conversation?  I’m talking about a conversation that gets to the core of who you and your significant other really are.  What are your/their core values?  What are your/their life goals?  What are you/they passionate about?  What are your/their greatest fears?  These are just a few questions that can create a deeper understanding of who you and your mate really are.


These are questions that are very powerful and can leave one feeling very vulnerable.  They can also be very eye-opening and liberating.  If you have never given any thought to these and other powerful thought provoking questions, maybe it’s time you tried.  Open yourself up to the vulnerability of being truthful with yourself and you mate.


Tough questions have the power to hurt if you are not careful.  Information shared must be in a safe environment.  You and your significant other must be careful not to use the information to attack, abuse, tease or otherwise hurt your mate in any way.  Remember, your mate must feel safe to share information with you and know that it is not going to be used against them later or shared with anyone else without permission.


The more you know and understand about your mate, the deeper your connection and communication can be.  A conversation that asks the tough questions has the potential to take a relationship from good to great or from great to extraordinary.   Learn to move past superficial.  Learn about your mate and help them understand you better.  Ask questions and develop a deeper more meaningful relationship.