#6 - Does he/she have everything on your Must Have list?

I had a brief but wonderful text conversation with a friend last night. She told me she had found the man of her dreams. First, I told her I was very excited and happy for her. Next, I asked her if he had all the Must Haves on her list. She replied “Yes, he is everything I wanted and so much more!”


After pondering our conversation, it …struck me that she is not the first one to tell us that he (or she) is everything they wanted and so much more. This is, in fact, more common than you would think. Most people that have found their soul mate have told us that their relationship is more than they could have ever imagined.


Some of the greatest push back we get is when it comes to making a Must Have list. Yet time after time those that have found their soul mate are pleasantly surprised by the fact that their mate is everything they were looking for and more. We don’t believe in being “to picky”. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to find that extraordinary relationship.


Allow yourself to dream of your ideal mate. From your imagination, write down all the positive qualities you want in your soul mate. Use this list as your guide to making better decisions about the people you date and the relationship choices you make.