#57 - Do you struggle with believing that there is a perfect mate for you?


Do you struggle with this concept because no one is perfect? Or, how about “I don’t deserve an extraordinary mate?” Maybe your friends tell you that you are too picky and you believe them! Or maybe you don’t believe in soul mates and that relationships have to be hard work. Any one of these thoughts (and many more) can keep you from waiting, being patient and finding your soul mate.


Do you believe in God or some form of a higher power? Do you believe He wants what is best for you? Do you think He might have a soul mate in mind for you? If you do, then why would you second guess Him and not wait for the right person in your life? Why do you want to waste your time in a relationship that is not extraordinary in hopes that it someday will be?


Ponder these questions as you think about what your extraordinary relationship should look like.