#35 - Are you open to new experiences and new adventures?

When we were young, almost everything was new and exciting. As we grow older, we settled into a “normal” routine. More often than not we go through our lives doing the same thing day in and day out. Our lives are just fine and we are comfortable with our daily routine.


Over the years we have talked to many people that have been single for 10…, 15, even 30+ years after a divorce or death of a spouse. They have become settled in their ways and, while they my say they desire to be in a relationship, they do little to open themselves up to the changes that come with that relationship.


Change is difficult for most of us. We get comfortable with our lives. Our basic philosophy is “don’t rock the boat. I’m happy with my life.” The slightest change in our daily routines can throw us off balance. I think of the highway detour that interrupts our daily routine or unexpectedly changes our travel plans and how that becomes inconvenient and unwanted. Instead we should be looking at it as a new adventure and an opportunity to see a different landscape, different neighborhoods, or a new business that you didn’t know existed.


When something or someone comes along that can change your routine, are you open for change? Are up for a new experience? Are you open for a new adventure? Are you open to trying a new activity like skiing, sailing, horseback riding, antiquing, or just relaxing on a beach? If you are actively looking for a new relationship, you have to be open to changing your routine. If your relationship becomes permanent, you have to be prepared to share your closet space, have someone else’s toothbrush in your toothbrush holder, and be able to share time in the kitchen. If you are not open to sharing your space, trying new activities, and changing your routine, odds are you are going to have a tough time adapting to a new relationship.


On the other hand, if you welcome these changes, you will be well on your way to giving a new relationship a much greater chance for success. Be open to all the possibilities that a new relationship can bring. Welcome the opportunities and new adventures that change can bring. And…it wouldn’t hurt to have some room in your closet and your garage for someone else’s stuff…just in case!