#34 - What are you looking for in your next relationship?

We have written about finding an extraordinary mate, deciding on what type of relationship you want (casual or permanent), making your Must Have and Deal Breaker lists, emotional maturity, and codependency. But, what is it that you are really looking for?


I believe that we all are looking for that special feeling, that extraordinary connection… with another person. We want that feeling of knowing we are loved unconditionally. We want that connection that makes our hearts flutter when we walk in the room and see our mate! We want the comfort of knowing we are free to be who we are without judgment and criticism. We want to have that comfort and calming when we hear our mates voice on the phone and they call just to say “Hi, how are you doing?” We want the passion of a lover that is so in tune to us that they almost instinctively know what we think, need, or want.


This connection exists for many people. It is a connection that we can try to describe all day long, but there are never enough words or the right words to describe this feeling. It is a feeling that transcends description. Some people have had this level of intimate connection and lost it for any number of reasons and we happy to know that they are seeking it again.


Sadly, many people have never experienced a connection this deep in any relationship they have had. They may not believe that it even exists. I feel for those that have never experienced the joy and happiness that is available in such a relationship even for the shortest amount of time. It is a feeling, a connection, a love that is so incredible that once you have experienced it, you will never settle for anything less. If you haven’t experienced it, we are here to assure that it does exist. We hope that you will be patient in your search and not settle for anything less than extraordinary.