#15 - The world doesn't need more trusting people; it needs more trustworthy people

We usually talk to each other about how to trust, to be cautious, let your walls down, and being open. We rarely talk about how to BE trustworthy!


There are only a couple of basic principles necessary to be trustworthy. First, assume every important conversation you have is confidential. Unless you are given permission to tell others, keep your mouth shut!


Second, do not take information from a conversation and use it to hurt anyone. Do not use past events, feelings, or words that have been shared with you to gain superiority. We all need to feel significance in our lives. Trying to make yourself feel significant by demeaning, belittling, or hurting someone else is a sign of emotional immaturity. Hurtful words cause deep and lasting wounds. Words spoken in anger can destroy a relationship that may have taken years to build.


Third, do what you say you are going to do. It is very easy to lose someone’s trust if you say you will do something and then don’t follow through.


It doesn’t take rocket science to be trustworthy. What it does take is accountability, responsibility and thoughtfulness! Be the person YOU would like to have in your life. Be worthy of trust!